Welcome to Precious Gems Childcare and Early Learning Center (PGCELC)! The importance of education cannot be stressed enough. It is through community settings such as Day Care Centers, schools and other educational facilities that our children are given the opportunity to interact with their peers. It is through the guidance and training provided by our staff, that our children receive support and encouragement in the beginning stages of life. Our goal is to prepare them to be strong members of their community and society as a whole, in the years to come. It is our promise to provide our children and families with a safe, healthy and learning environment. More importantly, it is our goal to equip them with the developmental building blocks of education, social and emotional skills as well as having lots of fun and excitement in the process!

Education is not only a part of our daily schedule, but it is the foundation on which PGCELC is built.

Ms. Shelley Smith

CEO and Founder